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"Driven by something much deeper, and much more important, than the bottom line."

Next Century is a technology company focused on the development of a new class of solutions that include situational awareness, at-a-glance analysis, decision support, collaboration, and others to provide information to decision makers in ways that are highly intuitive and actionable. We rely heavily on our expertise in the key areas of geographic information systems (GIS), image exploitation, mobile computing, wireless networks, visualization, and user interface design to develop these solutions. Our business focuses on the industries of healthcare, national security, and corporate security with particular specialization in homeland security, the military, and intelligence.

But those are the tangible things we provide. The less tangible aspects of our business are the ones that make the biggest difference.

Next Century is driven by something far deeper than software, hardware, and dollars and cents. We believe the solutions we provide have the power to save lives, promote freedom, and improve our world in exponential ways. At Next Century, we are dedicated to doing the right thing, for our customers and for all.

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