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Sr. Data Modeler - Trade Surveillance

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About Affusion Inc.

Affusion Consulting is a solution provider in Business Intelligence (BI), Enterprise Information Architectures (EIA), and Enterprise Risk Management (ERM). Affusion Consulting distinguishes itself by focusing on the client's business-the business sponsorship, the business problem, the business opportunity, the business alignment and the end user. It is this acute focus and understanding of our clients' business objectives that allows Affusion Consulting to align the correct technologies and processes to provide a complete and successful solution.

Affusion builds these solutions for businesses that need a business solution, rather than an IT solution. Management and IT leaders themselves are tuning in on this critical gap and are engaging Affusion Consulting to help bridge it.

Over the past several years, companies have realized the true competitive advantage of BI, EIA and ERM. As a result, the technology industry is rapidly responding with new business-centric tools, technologies and solution frameworks. Affusion's charter is to stay abreast of these innovations, anticipate their advances, and remain as a true consultative partner with clients to effectively leverage these technologies with well-defined business drivers, objectives and strategies.

Here on the Affusion website, we invite you to explore just a few of the exciting directions in which BI, EIA, and ERM are moving and how Affusion can take you and your company there. Or just call us at our offices in New York City or Philadelphia for an informative consultation.