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Business analyst

We are looking for a Sr Business analyst Experienced in agile methodology. Must be experienced in the domain of Manufacturing.
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  • 1 month ago
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About AMBC

AMBC s mission is to help organizations realize the full potential of Information Technology tools and solutions to streamline their business processes, maximize profits, and foresee growth opportunities.

To fulfill our mission, we have become a leading and specialized provider of SAP services to our clients across the globe.

AMBC s team of consultants and project leaders use their extensive knowledge of the tool in covering the whole spectrum of needs of our SAP clients such as Project implementation, Contingent Staffing, Training, Outsourcing, and more. The synergy of service, quality and affordability has made AMBC one of the best SAP quality companies in the Midwest. Know more about our SAP services.

AMBC has successfully ventured into making rapid progress in other domains of technology. We are a reliable partner to our clients in Oracle applications and development, Infrastructure support, Application development and Project management. Know more about our services.

The project management team at AMBC provides proven leadership and interpersonal and analytical skills to facilitate project development from conceptualization to implementation.

In all that we do, what drives us is our value for unflinching commitment to individual and corporate integrity. Know our Commitment to our Partners

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Business analyst
  • Chicago, IL
  • 1 month ago