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he word Consortium by definition means an agreement, combination, or group formed to undertake an enterprise beyond the resources of any one member. We purposely chose this name because what we offer to organizations is a true partnership that leverages the resources of two companies to provide a solution that cannot be accomplished alone. We offer over 15 years of expertise in Information Technology Staffing to your organization s unique requirements to form this combination of resources capable of solving the complex hiring decisions that are necessary in today s ever changing world.

The Consortium represents a tradition and history of the highest in integrity, ethics and professionalism. The Senior Partners of The Consortium have been working together for over 20 years and this continuity makes us more efficient and effective, saving your company a lot of time and money by reducing many of the trial-and-error problems encountered by less experienced companies. The Consortium has always understood that maximum focused attention to our clients, employees and contractors is paramount.

We are motivated by forming long lasting relationships; providing exemplary service; being truly cost effective and treating each undertaking as the most important. If you want to hear more about this from our clients, please ask for references.

The Consortium offers an array of approaches to assist in the staffing needs of its clients. That is why we offer flexibility in costs, payment terms and guarantees. We understand that each client is a unique entity and has its own financial and facilitation requirements.

Our expertise is in personalization, timeliness and efficiency. We want the opportunity to get to know you. Our commitment is to free up your time to focus on the big picture by providing efficient solutions and finding the right candidates or solution the first time. We develop a partnership with you, we ensure your needs are met, you always have our personal attention, and we listen. The results are rewarding, and our success is measured on providing solutions and employees that thrive for you and add to the success of your organization. Our goal is to provide a cost effective and efficient solution to your hiring needs.

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