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Technology Support Specialist

Provides network technical support, customer service, user support; maintains software and hardware, maintains up-to-date documentation; troubleshoots network, telephone system, and
  • Denver, CO
  • 1 month ago

About Swanson Rink, Inc.

SWANSON RINK SETS the standard on what it means to be a consulting engineering firm. For over 68 years, clients have demanded our technical expertise in engineering, technology, and management services to provide solutions that are reliable, sustainable and meet their specific business needs. Swanson Rink focuses on solving complex problems for mission critical data centers, airports and corporate clients.

IN ORDER TO CONTINUALLY DELIVER successful projects that result in satisfied clients, Swanson Rink holds our employees to a level of professionalism that is reflective in the quality of our work. We hire employees that will not just become part of the team, but will also take the firm to a higher level. We have long been known as a firm that pursues stimulating work, and this is the reason why Swanson Rink s talented engineers choose to stay with the company for the long term.

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