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Application Security Engineer

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About Aspect Security, Incorporated

Founded in 2002, we are a boutique consulting firm focusing exclusively on application security. We help to ensure that the software that drives business is protected against hackers. Aspect s Security Engineers analyze, test and validate approximately 5,000,000 lines of code a month, most of which are critical to the national infrastructure. Our work unearths over 10,000 vulnerabilities every year across a wide range of technologies and architectures. Our recommendations dramatically improve our clients security posture. We support a worldwide clientele with critical applications in the government, defense, financial, healthcare, services and retail sectors. Our educational division has taught tens of thousands of people around the world how to build, test and deploy secure applications making us a leader in application security training. Flexible delivery options include instructor-led training either in-person or via webcast, or, on-demand through our innovative eLearning curriculum. Aspect Security s principals are pioneers in the field having started one of the world s first application security practices in 1998. They conceived of several industry-leading standards such the OWASP Top Ten, WebGoat, the Application Security Verification Standard (ASVS), Risk Rating Methodology and Enterprise Security API (ESAPI). These free and open materials are downloaded over 50,000 times a month. We are a founding member of the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) in support of educating organizations about the ever-changing threat landscape and how to properly build and secure applications. Headquartered in Columbia, MD, our personnel is located throughout the United States serving our worldwide clientele.