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Senior API Developer

We have a Media Production client seeking a mid to senior level API Services Developer to join their team. This
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About AREVO Group, Inc

The name AREVO is the acronym of A Recruiting Evolution which accurately describes our search process.

AREVO Group was formed with the belief that clients and candidates deserve more than they are currently getting from traditional recruiting agencies. To this end we have created a proprietary recruiting process that delivers customer satisfaction at unprecedented levels. By engaging the most cutting edge voice in the recruiting industry, the demanding expectations of a leading human resource consulting group, and the quality driven reputation of a recruiting icon, the AREVO Group began to take shape. Since the formation of the AREVO Group, the successful team has developed a proprietary search process with the guidance of some of the most prestigious and respected authorities in the industry.

The AREVO Group is made up of a team of passionate, driven, and quality focused individuals with meaningful industry experience. AREVO Group has developed a foundation of highly talented recruiters dedicated to recruiting executive, managerial, supervisory, technical, and Information Technology positions in a variety of industries. This group has earned a distinguished reputation with their clients for providing quality direct hire and professional contracting services. Their successful track record includes placements on a national and international scale.

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