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NITCO Inc. Oil & Gas Senior Business Analyst

NITCO Inc. is a technology services company that accelerates digital automation with Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Conversational
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About Nitco Inc

NITCO is a technology company, headquartered in Houston, Texas with a global footprint. Our team of developers and engineers have expertise in RPA, AI, ML, Cloud Services, App Development & Integration, Infrastructure designs and implementation. The foundation of our leadership team is technical expertise with diverse industries, a winning combination that keeps us focused on our client's success throughout their digital transformation.

Our company was founded with the steadfast vision of aligning our clients Business and IT goals with next-generation technologies. NITCO is continuously innovating to exceed client expectations!

-Hyphenate customer-focused and customer-driven technology solutions through collaboration to increase profitability to customers.
-Research and develop next-generation technologies.
-Foster employees with technology, diversity, creativity and integrity.

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