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About PMC

PMC is a leading provider of technology, IT, engineering, manufacturing, supply chain, and operations productivity solutions. Our solutions help customers shorten product life cycles, increase quality and throughput, reduce lead time, and improve their return on capacity and technology investments (ROI).

PMC's proven track record comes from over 6,000 completed projects, 500-plus customers, and referenceable customer successes in diverse industries including aerospace & defense, automotive & transport, healthcare, high technology, and industrial manufacturing.

Our professional team represents IT professionals, product design engineers, systems engineers, operations engineers, industrial engineers, manufacturing engineers, software engineers, project managers, and IT specialists who are recognized as experts in their field. They bring deep experience, knowledge, and collaborative problem-solving to your business.

Our differentiation comes from PMC's optimized business process improvement methodology, subject-matter expertise, and "Customers for Life" philosophy.

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