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ERP Applications Administrator

OMT Consultants LLC is seeking an individual for the position of ERP Application Administrator for our university client. This is
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About OMT Consultants, LLC

OMT is dedicated to one simple principle, and it is reflected in our motto. "We Are All About People". Helping people solve people problems in the placement industry is what we are all about and all of our employees are "People Specialists". Whether you are an employer or a candidate, we see you as a person first. When we began in 2009 this was our goal, and it remains that way today. We heard far too many stories from our candidates about other staffing firms who treated them poorly. All of us at OMT agree that we must call candidates and keep them informed, take each candidate s call, email candidates and make sure they have what they need, and generally offer personalized service to everybody. This is the way we want to be treated and therefore it's the type of service we strive to offer. As a company, we feature a cloud based virtual presence that serves our client s needs nationally and internationally. We can bring our expertise to bear any where it is needed.

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