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We believe that today's recruiting process has taken the personal touch out of hiring and we are determined to offer that personal service - to be a people friendly business. Our customers are both hiring managers and job seekers; we understand the challenges that exist on both sides of the hiring process equation. We believe personal service and communication produce the best and quickest solutions to your needs.

Our jobs are listed on Dice. If interested in a particular position, please take the time and respond through Dice. Please feel free to contact the helpful associate at OMT who posted the listing for further information and helpful advice.

Please be aware that your privacy and confidentiality is important and respected. Your information will not be shared with anyone without authorization from you. Wishing you much success in your career search! We know what IT managers are looking for in IT employees, and we know what IT professionals are looking for in companies. That's why OMT Consultants, LLC is the smart choice, the right choice, for matching your IT needs with the right IT professionals.

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