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About Reliance IT, Inc

Reliance IT fills a void in today's IT services marketplace by providing robust yet affordable IT-based productivity enhancement services to small and medium organizations.

Founded by IT professionals with decades of information technology consulting experience for large and small enterprises, Reliance IT forges partnerships with client companies by bringing effective, affordable solutions to improve business processes and productivity by leveraging our extensive network of connections and outsourcing experience.

Reliance IT operates with an open mind, working with our clients to develop systems and solutions that work specifically for their application. We don t believe in a "one solution fits all" approach; we know that each organization has its own unique set of problems and challenges and we apply our innovative thinking to developing the appropriate model for each.

A partnership with Reliance IT will enable you to:

  • - Increase efficiency
  • - Accelerate productivity
  • - Reduce cost
Reliance IT is a Texas based corporation founded in year 2001 in Dallas - Fort Worth area. Since then we are fortunate to be of value and service to clients like Cyclarion, Data Alignment Group, Mango Networks, Procure Staff, Sun Microsystems, Televator and Verizon among others.

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SQL DBA/Developer
  • Jackson, MS
  • 5 months ago