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Infrastructure Engineer - VMWARE

Strong experience with workload virtualization technologies, storage area networks, and cloud deployments. Candidate should have experience with large scale environments.
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  • 4 weeks ago
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Starr Companies is a global, privately held, insurance, financial services, and investments organization comprised of C.V. Starr & Co., Inc. and Starr Insurance Holdings, Inc. We provide our clients with solutions in asset protection and risk management. Starr has been a respected insurance brand for decades, and due to the creation of new insurance companies, and increased scope of our general agencies, we have grown significantly over the last several years. We now have over 25 offices globally and continue to expand our reach into new markets. Through our ongoing innovation in product development and strategic expansions, we have positioned ourselves as unique leaders in the insurance industry.

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Our Extraordinary Growth Continues The Starr brand has been a global leader in the commercial insurance business since 1919, and has recently culminated in the new Starr Companies brand encompassing C.V. Starr & Co.,Inc. & Starr International, USA, Inc. International Relationships Unequaled in the Industry We began as an international company in China in 1919. Our comprehensive knowledge of and successful experience in global markets is now more essential than ever. Creating the Products the World Needs When They Need Them Our greatest asset is our people...each handpicked, they are the best of the best. And with our unsurpassed knowledge and experience, we are able to customize products and services well beyond the industry norm. Innovative Asset Protection and Risk Management Solutions We provide innovative solutions in asset protection and risk management to businesses around the world. Our international heritage and extraordinary growth paired with the power of our relationships and the strength of our people have enabled us to build a significant presence in the global market.

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