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About Agility Group

Agility Group specializes in delivering high-impact C-level and EHR resources, specifically for Management Consulting, Advisory organizations, and EHR Consulting Companies. We are well versed in vetting executive candidates for client facing and related consulting skills, and have a vast network of high-performance, proven, executives.

Agility Group enables companies to transform their business through human capital. For decades our team has developed expertise in a select specialty search practice areas. The Agility Group team has placed high-impact C-level and EHR Executive personnel with industry leading organizations. The result has provided effective strategy and execution to capture unrealized value, competitive advantage, and enhance bottom-line profits for our clients.

Agility Group continuously networks with C-level professionals and EHR executives to generate and expand our knowledge of current and emerging leaders. We interface with executives who are market-savvy and have real-world experience. These are the executives who can move a business to the far right on the continuum of success.

In today's business climate, shareholders, customers, and partners can be unforgiving; creating immense pressure to maximize the certainty of critical successes and minimize the adverse influence of failures. Recruiting the right people for your executive positions and key positions is more vital than ever before and not as easy as the current marketplace may lead you to believe.

While the marketplace is perceived to be flush with talented and available executives, the reality is that it is not. Finding the right individual is not easy for a business. Primarily, clients who utilize Agility Group do so for one reason: Agility Group delivers executives who are high-impact professionals with the intellectual agility, the precise skills, and the ideal industry experience required to ensures success.

Over the years, the Agility Group team has assisted countless organizations across the country with our specialty search approach. We've developed and honed the ability to identify unique C-level executives and EHR professionals and have proven that we deliver the high-performance resources.

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Python lead developer
  • Bloomington, MN
  • 3 weeks ago