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  • Chicago, IL

About Valence Health

Valence Health delivers patient-centered, data-driven solutions so providers can achieve optimal reward for quality care. We share your vision: To collect patient data, share information across the organization, and deliver solutions that sustain success.

As providers look to achieve optimal reward for quality care, Valence Health brings together the tools, technology, and processes to assess opportunities, measure outcomes and ensure appropriate payment for quality care across various delivery settings within organization. Our patient-focused, data-driven solutions have created competitive advantage for clients since 1996, and we are uniquely qualified to meet the current and future challenges for health care providers.

Based in Chicago, Valence is a privately-held company that serves clients nationwide and is committed to strong client partnerships. Our multidisciplinary staff has experience in the clinical, management, operational, and financial challenges of health care organizations and can efficiently integrate people and processes to improve quality and sustain success. Our core capabilities offer flexibility and scalability in meeting targeted goals or in creating integrated solutions that address complex challenges.

The approach to every engagement is collaborative. We work to create patient-centered solutions that complement workflows, and empower physicians and staff to use data and information to improve outcomes.

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