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About Global Data Solutions Inc.

Global Data Solutions, Inc. (GDS) is a fast growing, young & energetic organization, with its wings spread across IT Services, Software Development, Market Research & Analytics, R&D, ITES and Outsourcing.

GDS offers a broad range of software expertise and services with a strong customer focus. The success and continued growth of our company is reliant on our commitment to providing cost effective, high quality, competitive solutions for our clients.

The foundation of GDS is based on highly skilled IT, Engineering & Market Research professionals who provide our clients with the highest level of service. Some of the technocrats/owner(s) of the company have global experience, they were fortunate that they had the opportunity to work globally (in Singapore, Malaysia, India, Ireland and USA).

GDS is aiming to become one of the leading institutions contributing to the IT, Market Research, Engineering sectors. In a quest for knowledge, spanning since Inception, GDS has established its solutions and services footprint globally in a very short span contributing to the realization of the business vision of some of the companies in the money vertical.