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About CoreLogix Consulting Inc

CoreLogix Consulting, Inc. is a global IT consulting services company. Since formation CoreLogix has established a loyal clientele based on a strong reputation for uncompromising integrity and customer focus. From its inception, the company developed and implemented a carefully constructed business model to provide Top level IT Expertise in its consulting solutions to its clients. CoreLogix Consulting, Inc. is a value-driven company which delivers the highest levels of available expertise at highly competitive prices.

We have provided a wide variety of IT services on-demand to customers throughout the United States.

CoreLogix is headquartered in Reston, VA with a tenured staff and combined 15 years of IT industry experience. In addition to our value, our business model significantly enhances our ability to search, qualify, and present IT candidates that more closely meet our clients requirements.

Our strong management capabilities enable a virtually transparent operational environment to our clients.

CoreLogix Consulting, Inc. has a strong industry reputation for business integrity and commitment to customer satisfaction. These are accomplished through the relationships we build and maintain, and the quality of the services we deliver. Our success is based on these premises Our Core Business is IT