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Front-end Developer

Responsibilities : Conduct testing of completed applications, websites and software to Assess user experience Create surveys for research through various
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About Applied Thought Auditors & Consultants Inc.

Applied Thought was founded in 2005.

The founder of Applied Thought has worked as a consultant himself. His experience in the recruitment industry has helped him understand the market and the acute need for a company that would find the right match for any given job.

An important observation that he made was that there was a dearth for recruiters who had exemplary business/technical background. That is when he realized the need for a company with recruitment managers who had a rich technical as well as business background that would help them acquire the right human resources for a given job requirement within a short span of time (and the vice versa-finding the right job that would fit the skill set of a candidate).

That was precisely the unique thought behind Applied Thought: to add value to recruitment by enhancing our technical and business background.

In 2011, Applied Thought changed hands of ownership and became more employee-oriented.

Currently, Applied Thought has the resources and expertise to accommodate recruitment, outsourcing, IT consultation related needs.

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Front-end Developer
  • Richmond, VA
  • 3 weeks ago