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CyberSecurity Analyst

Hello, We have an opening for Cyber Security Analyst . Job Roles and Responsibilities - Coordinates with enterprise-wide cyber defense
  • Columbus, OH
  • 4 weeks ago
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About JASStek Inc.

JASStek's Mission , Vision and Values

JASStek s Mission JASStek s mission is to provide great value-based, innovative and cost effective solutions that enable its clients to succeed in their daily mission.

JASStek s Vision JASStek s vision is to be a leading I.T. Innovation and Technology company and provide and promote great I.T. services and solutions which benefit the local economy and community.

JASStek s Values JASStek s Values are "4Cs and R". Commitment , Consistency , Client-Focused Service, Cultural Diversity and above all Respect.

JASStek is an Information Technology consulting firm based in Ohio that delivers innovative, scalable business solutions to help its clients reduce costs, increase revenue and gain competitive advantage through technology. We partner with clients to understand their unique business needs and then develop a roadmap on how to best achieve those goals with the use of cutting-edge technologies.

Our principles are based on factors that include: IT should be reliable, IT should help your business grow, IT should foster productivity, and make work easier. We use these measurements to gauge the effectiveness of the solutions and services that we deliver..

JASStek believes that as a consulting firm, we must offer tremendous value to our clients by creating an opportunistic, performance-oriented environment where the best consultants are empowered to tackle the most challenging projects head on. It is this drive and determination that has helped us achieve Partner status with companies all over the United States. JASStek also has strategic relationships with technology firms, and these relationships further enable us to deliver high performance, flexible, and innovative technology solutions.

JASStek folks bring several years of industry experience in designing and developing the leading-edge business solutions using development tools, technologies, platforms and architectures.

Why do you need JASStek Services?

  • Technical, operational and domain expertise
  • A client-centric business perspective that factors in the client s organizational & financial view points
  • Ability to build high-quality and cost-effective solutions specific to customer needs
  • Expertise in multiple areas of Information Technology, that include leading edge and legacy systems
  • Value based staff augmentation, that will help your company stay within budget and save costs
  • Small company attention that promotes prompt response to client s needs

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CyberSecurity Analyst
  • Columbus, OH
  • 4 weeks ago