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SAP Project Manager

We have a one-year Hybris implementation project starting and are looking for a Project Manager who can start immediately. This
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About Sabriel Corporation

Founded in 1993, SABRIEL specializes in SAP enterprise services and staffing solutions that fit our client's needs perfectly.

We have extensive experience in SAP, multiple full lifecycle implementations, and deep functional and technical expertise. We specialize in supplying the best SAP talent available, from full-time direct hires to consultants. We guaratee our professionals will hit the ground running with the shortest time-to-producitivity you will find anywhere. We know first-hand what it takes to make an SAP project successful, whether you need a small system modification or need to implement and entire system.

Also, at SABRIEL we understand just how important cost is to our clients. Although our focus is on quality, in all aspects of our approach from our competitive rates to our focus on minimizing other expenses such as travel, we excel at providing our clients with the best value possible.

Why our focus on SAP? We have worked with many software vendors since 1993 and head and shoulders above the pack stands SAP. From their superior system architecture to their uncanny ability to predict the future, we have grown to respect and admire the successes that SAP has made possible - including many of our own. SAP simply cannot be equaled. If you would like to discuss any aspect of SAP, please contact us for more information.

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