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Salesforce Business Analyst Healthcare

Please send your resumes at syed(dot)imran (at) appshark (dot)com Title: Salesforce Business Analyst (Healthcare) Location: Remote ( Dallas, TX) Duration:
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About AppShark

AppShark is a Salesforce consulting company, a trusted adviser that can help you get more from Salesforce.

Salesforce plays an important role in supporting and reaching your business goals. At AppShark, we design and deliver Salesforce solutions to help your company realize goals faster and more effectively.

AppShark brings deep connection and experience with Salesforce. We serve both as a Silver Consulting Partner and as a Product Development Partner a powerful combination. We know how to put Salesforce to work to grow your business.

What we do
Deploy: Start strong with a Salesforce installation using best practices and done right the first time.
Solve problems: Sadly, some Salesforce deployments get botched. We ve cleaned up many installations, and we regularly solve a wide range of Salesforce software problems.
Optimize: Whether you ve been using Salesforce for one year or many, we can enhance it to increase performance and benefits.
Customize: With an AppShark customization based on your unique needs, Salesforce can do more for your organization.

Why choose AppShark for Salesforce consulting?
Proven experience: At AppShark, we ve met the rigorous standards to be qualified as part of the Salesforce Product Development Partner program. Our strong track record in building and enhancing Salesforce systems results in top-notch service for our clients.
Certified: Salesforce, like other software, is ever-changing, always improving. Our clients know they can expect the best results because AppShark team members are certified and cross-trained in multiple technologies, and they regularly update their certifications.
Economical: AppShark delivers the best value. Our rates are highly competitive, and we use a proprietary development process that ensures high-quality results in the shortest time possible.
Flexible: Every business faces unique challenges. AppShark specializes in tailoring Salesforce solutions to fit the needs and budget of each client.

At AppShark, we help our customers and partners build, deliver, and manage innovative Salesforce solutions. This mission serves as the standard for measuring our actions, strategic decisions, performances, and future goals.

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