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About Enthsquare

Enthsquare was formed as a technology company and with engineering & innovation as it's core foundations. Enthsquare engineers are very well versed in industry leading technologies like Microsoft, Cisco etc.

Enthsquare is a persuit for excellence in whatever we do. Its a thought that drives and motivates us continously to excel in what we do, and helps us to drive the passion in those who join us, to persuit excellence and reach the alpha point in their life and hence we have a stupendous record of providing the brightest minds and the brightest solutions which are considered nothing less than excellence. This motivation allows us to acquire the correct talent and provide our partners and customers with solutions or people, which are nothing less than excellence personified. And yes, we do that everyday. We have built a track record in that and yes we can boast we have an army of excellence. Our Clients and Partners experience this trend regularly and hence we have their trust and a long term relationship. Whatever is the requirement we are here to deliver.

Many of our engineers have previously worked for Technology & Software giants before and have very extensive knowledge of product architecture. Our expertise is providing software, systems & network solutions.