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C Programmer

5-8 year of software development experience. Should have a background of industrial automation. Experience in working with large teams, willing
  • Milwaukee, WI
  • 4 weeks ago
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About QuEST Global Services - NA Inc.

At QuEST Global it s all about purposeful passion. Almost two decades ago, one man s passion for engineering sowed the seeds for today s QuEST Global.

With its origins in a single room in 1997, today this passion resonates, as 7,500 Questians across nine countries make us what we are the most trusted, focused, and a global engineering solutions leader.

Our passion compels us to look beyond the obvious and deliver transformative engineering solutions. We try to understand the emerging needs of our customers and delight them with best in class and novel engineering solutions. Like-minded global talent seamlessly coalesces to form a Local-Global engineering team for effective delivery of these solutions. This single-minded customer focus and the ensuing trust ensure a long lasting relationship with everyone we associate with.

A pioneering leader in mechatronic engineering services and solutions, we have a diversified global footprint. We partner with the most trusted names in Aero Engines, Aerospace & Defense, Transportation, Medical Devices, Power, Oil and Gas and other industries. We collaborate to deliver solutions across the complete product life cycle, in the fastest and most valuable manner, spanning complex systems, platforms and products.

Our purposeful passion also extends to the world beyond us. We take pride in engineering positive change to the communities around us. What s more, we enjoy the patronage of our customers and the larger ecosystem, for our community outreach efforts.

Find out more as to how our passion manifests in whatever we do, thereby, creating a sustaining organization that stands the test of time.

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C Programmer
  • Milwaukee, WI
  • 4 weeks ago