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About Take 2 Group

Take 2 Group is currently accepting resumes for a variety of positions. Please review the database of positions that we are seeking to fill and contact us for additional information about any specific opportunity.

making your life easier

Take2 uses progressive and creative ideas to solve complex IT business problems and simplify your work load. We help you achieve more and sell more through technology and people power, our tools of choice.

everything as a service

Take2 offers Everything as a Service (XaaS), a platform in which expertise is housed in a cloud and delivered to you, on demand. It s a virtual environment where human capital is collected from across the globe and used collaboratively to solve problems. This model allows us to provide a solution for anything and everything you need.

people clouds

Our proprietary people clouds are built to conquer complex business problems. Tell us your technology need and we ll create a cloud with the required talent. Once the cloud is formed, it s available to you on demand, creating a frictionless engagement.

People Cloud Solutions include: Cyber Security, DevOps, Mobility, Big Data & Engineering (displayed visually in clouds). People clouds can be created for a vertical industry, technology, or custom built per clients specifications

our story

We wanted to build something exceptional that helps others solve problems. And we did. We are a group of friends with different backgrounds, but all cut from the same cloth. We are bonded by our belief in progressive thinking, superior products and services, extreme ethics, and, of course, a love of sports. The concept behind Take2 was cultivated from this common thinking and several craft beers.

We believe the future of engaging with global resources is through our People Cloud platform; allowing clients and partners a gateway to cloud based talent.

our clients

We work with customers who understand the importance of gaining access to global talent, on demand, as a service.

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System Administrator
  • Greenbelt, MD
  • 1 week ago