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DevTest Consultant

Qualification: 5 years of information technology experience with large and complex applications 3 years of design, install, configuration and deploying
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About Flexon Technologies Inc.

Our process
-To ensure clients identify Flexon Technologies as their most preferred service provider by providing quality services like development, project management, staffing and training.
-Provide diverse services to corporate houses thereby achieving client and resource satisfaction consistently.
-To expand current operations in the US and to have a global presence.

Why choose our services
We have the demonstrated expertise and can add to your organization s long term technology goals. Our team is a perfect blend of technology, management and business, which has driven the business in the dynamic and challenging environment. The delivery team comprises of individuals who have achieved significant success in their professional career and are always backed by the support of management. The strength of Flexon Technologies stems from its efficient and effective top management and its skilled and dedicated delivery team.

We follow long established best practices of IT services industry. We are always up to date with all state and federal labor, environmental and other governing laws.

Our obligation
We are with our clients from the earliest starting point and will catch up with you after we have finished the assignment. Our objective is to make your organization content with your choice and to make a long term business relationship.

We work with our clients, not as vendors but as partners. We give you insight into the process, technology and resources. We additionally keep you in the loop of the assignment progress

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DevTest Consultant
  • Sunnyvale, CA
  • 1 month ago