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Compliance Engineer

Hiring Regulatory Compliance Engineer PM. It is FTE role with Zensa. Remote is fine. RESPONSIBLE FOR: Obtaining international regulatory certifications
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  • 1 month ago
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About Zensa

Web accessibility is quickly becoming a necessity rather than an optional feature for web content. Accessible websites, web applications as well as native apps allow people with disabilities to perceive, understand, navigate interact with and contribute to the web.

20% of the global population (>1 billion people) and 19.4% of the US population (>50 million people) are estimated to have some form of disability.

In this increasingly diverse world, it should be a priority for organizations and businesses to eliminate barriers that make it difficult for employees or customers with disabilities to use their websites, applications or devices..

Zensa has a strong network of qualified providers, developers, designers and accessibility testers to bring holistic end-to-end solutions to support creation, deployment and maintenance of accessible products and services. Our comprehensive consulting and engineering services will cover all your accessibility needs from audit and compliance testing to training, education, and staffing. Zensa is also committed to providing people who are blind or have visual, mobility and hearing impairments a continuum of employment development and career growth opportunities, ranging from vocational to high-demand technical, professional jobs.

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