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Machine Learning Engineer

The Amivero Team Amivero’s team of IT professionals delivers digital services that elevate the federal government, whether national security or
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About Amivero

Amivero is a small business committed to serving modernizing and transforming the IT environments that enable a secure nation. Amivero is a mashup of the Latin words Ami and Vero - Friend and Truth. We are committed to consciously building the company we would be proud for our children to work at one day. As such, our culture is strong and our values are representative of who we are and how we operate: Energy is everything, Passion for service, Smart accelerated solutions, and Human-centered, data-driven. We are motivated by performing impactful work supported by a company that encourages a fun, accepting, collaborative, continually learning atmosphere. Thank you for taking a few minutes to get to know us.

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Year Founded 2018 Amivero's Expertise Data Science & Analytics, Agile Software Delivery, Cyber Security, Cloud Headquarters Location Reston, VA

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