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IT Data Solutions is hiring a Technical Recruiter with at least 5 years of experience. Our ideal candidate will seek
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About IT Data Solutions

IT Data Solutions is a management consulting services provider specializing in Information Technology (IT) solutions and tools for large private and public sector clients. As self-performing Program Managers, we provide: Application Development (App Dev), Data Warehousing (DW), Business Intelligence (BI), Data Integration, and Data Analytics to assist with your enterprise IT data architecture. We turn big data into actionable intelligence to help reach your mission objectives. Our IT data solutions help you increase efficiencies, reduce costs, and streamline processes. Certified Minority Owned Small Business Concern.

Mission Statement
"To empower our clients to achieve success through impactful IT solutions and resources so together, we set new standards of excellence in the public and private sectors."

Vision Statement
"Attain growth and market share by delivering our solutions with integrity, passion, and unwavering commitment to our clients."

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