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Network Security Engineer

The Network Security Engineer position requires a specialized skillset of engineering and configuring web proxies, email security gateways, or data
  • Fort Meade, MD
  • 3 weeks ago
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About AVR Alliance

The scale of change means people today can achieve more than at any other point in history. Embracing this change on a global scale requires businesses to adopt new ways of thinking and to bring together specialized skills and solutions across technology disciplines. The worlds of IT, Engineering and Life Sciences will continue to converge as we enter a new era of smarter devices, smarter cities, and smarter industries. We believe only cross-domain thinking can unlock true innovation. As a global community of specialists, we connect the smartest people with the brightest businesses to solve complex challenges required for a company to thrive.

Our Cybersecurity team leverages deep industry expertise across information technology, national security, and professional services to help organizations defend themselves on the front lines of cyber and information security. Our consultants understand the threats and vulnerabilities facing today s increasingly interconnected global network, and possess the connections and technology to efficiently attract, develop, and engage leading security and information talent.

We provide a portfolio of services with a guaranteed outcome every time. We deliver deep expertise, objective insights and a tailored approach. Our consulting solutions span critical business challenges in technology, business process, compliance and cyber security. We can see beyond the hurdles organizations face and deliver solutions that drive your business with confidence.

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Network Security Engineer
  • Fort Meade, MD
  • 3 weeks ago