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RBC Medical Innovations is a cutting-edge medical device design firm located in the Kansas City metropolitan area. RBC partners with
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About RBC Medical Innovation

Medical Device companies have been selecting RBC Medical Innovations since 1994 as a medical device manufacturer, developer, and designer because of our ability to reduce time-to-market, reduce risk, and our ISO certified and FDA registered Contract Manufacturing facility.

Our client partners include a variety of start-ups and industry leaders. We are honored to have developed long standing relationships with many of the top 10 medical device companies. We have also been there as part of the initial product launch for many early ventures. Our success as a medical device manufacturer and developer is linked to our clients successes. This is why; so much of our business is repeat business.

Here are some of the reasons our clients choose us as their medical device manufacturer, developer, and designer:
  • Speed to market While outsourcing design and development has been shown to reduce time to market, our platform development methodology allows us to improve on what you could expect from other companies.
  • Reduce risk Our development methodology utilizes platforms that have already been used to produce FDA and CE approved products.
  • US manufacturing IP is protected and product lead times are reduced.
  • Regulatory experience We have decades of experience getting the products we develop through US and International regulator bodies. Diverse product experience While our focus is on electromechanical medical devices, our experience is with a wide range of products within that space, from diagnosis to therapy.
  • Depth of development teams Having multiple cross-functional development teams allows us to commit the resources needed for a successful completion of their projects.
  • Unparalleled expertise It isn t just medical device companies that come to us for advice, it is common for our competition to reach us to better understand the medical device market.

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