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Founded in 1999, Apriva is a privately-held corporation that delivers secure wireless transaction and data transmission solutions to financial services providers and government agencies. Apriva operates two companies to serve its customers: Apriva POS provides wireless transaction and payment solutions to financial services providers; Apriva ISS delivers highly-secure mobile messaging applications to government agencies and other sectors that require rigorous encryption and data protection.

Apriva employs its own patented technology to provide secure transactions over public, private, and government wireless networks. Apriva s solutions offer high levels of encryption available for commercial and government communications, enabling users to overcome the challenge of keeping confidential information secure across public wireless networks.

Apriva serves the needs of customers in the Americas and EMEA and has a strong patent portfolio for secure wireless applications, operations, and management. The company employs over 160 professionals throughout the US.

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Headquarters Scottsdale, AZ Founded in 1999 Number of employees: 160+ Industry: Point of Sale; Gateway Services; Payment Processing; Mobile Payments; Secure Mobile Messaging Ownership We are a privately held company