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Sr. Software Engineer, Cloud Technologies

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About 1010data

1010data is the first interactive cloud-based platform for Big Data analytics. The company s namesake service provides the most powerful, usable and scalable solution available today for investigative and predictive analytics. It does this by combining ultra-fast database technology with a rich and sophisticated array of built-in analytical functions and an intuitive worksheet user interface, and delivers them as a managed service that offers the fastest time to value. And, with 1010data, there is no need for complex, time-consuming data design, integration, or transformation steps. The 1010data cloud also hosts and enables access to a growing number of large proprietary and public data sets, including ones for credit reporting, mortgage-backed securities, real estate, labor statistics, and more. 1010data is used by hedge funds, global banks, large securities exchanges, top retailers, leading consumer packaged goods companies, telecom and many others industry leaders to manage, manipulate and monetize trillions of business data records every day.

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