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Senior Manager, Information Security

PlanSource is a high-growth software company headquartered in Orlando, Florida with offices in Salt Lake City, Minneapolis, Charleston, and Grand
  • Orlando, FL
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About PlanSource Benefits Administration, Inc.

At PlanSource, we are devoted to creating the best benefits experience available.

Helping people get the coverage they need is immensely important. Benefits give people peace of mind, access to invaluable health care, and can even save them from financial ruin. It s a responsibility we take seriously. That s why we are honored to partner with thousands of organizations on custom benefits programs, services and human capital management tools that help millions of employees and their families when they need it most.

PlanSource provides a cloud-based solution for benefits administration and human capital management that is affordable, intuitive and highly configurable to support any benefits strategy. Combined with a range of complementary benefit services, PlanSource is an employer s single and complete source for human resources software.

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