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PHP Developer---LOCAL CANDIDATES ONLY Location: Minneapolis, MN Salary: OPEN+ benefits Job Summary: The Senior Software Developer position is for a
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About Consulting Solutions LLC

Our Methodology

We use a unique approach to initiating, motivating, designing, implementing, managing, and coordinating change in organizations. It is the mechanism by which CSI gathers, validates, and integrates best practices and makes them available to our team and our clients.

Our methodology addresses business dimensions as an integrated whole. We define business vision and strategy, review business processes, provide choices for developing systems, and give assistance in changing an organization's culture, competencies, and structure.

The Value of our Solution Implementation Methodology

Our methodology and approach involves implementing applications with elements that wrap, augment, and supplement the application solution. By applying this approach we can provide several important benefits which include:

Lower program and project risk by focusing on business change while providing a comprehensive approach to better anticipate and manage risk.
Deliver optimum ROI by more effectively considering the company's overall vision and strategy, addressing organizational change up front, insuring business user involvement throughout, aligning the solution with the enterprise business and technical architecture, and simultaneously addressing all areas of change. Ensure consistent program and project communication by providing a framework and business language that is consistent across multiple projects, methodologies, vendors and staff.

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PHP Developer
  • Minneapolis, MN
  • 4 weeks ago