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About ConsultNet, LLC

ConsultNet is a technology and engineering staffing company that pairs skilled technical and business professionals from around the world with successful companies to tackle all kinds of technology-based business challenges. Using an approach that focuses on building deep, strategic relationships with both its business clients and a large network of technology professionals, ConsultNet serves customers in a wide range of industries, including aerospace, communications, education, finance, government, healthcare, technology, and many others.

ConsultNet recruiters and employees are motivated, flexible, and completely focused on providing outstanding personalized service. This elite team understands the needs of every client and has the business acumen and experience to deliver high-end technology and engineering solutions that perfectly meet customer needs.

The Company attracts top technology talent in a fiercely competitive environment by developing strong relationships with a diverse network of top consultants, providing them with outstanding opportunities, investing in their personal and professional growth, and offering them the flexibility and freedom to pursue a challenging, rewarding career path.

With a rapidly growing national presence and a reputation for providing exceptional service, ConsultNet has been contributing to the growth and success of its clients' businesses since 1996. No matter how big ConsultNet becomes, the organization's people, relationships, and outstanding service will always be the key ingredients it uses to help customers find the technology talent they need.

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Why ConsultNet? At ConsultNet, we're ready to help you get in on the ground floor of an innovative, cutting-edge startup company, team you up with a Fortune 500 powerhouse, or anything in between. Regardless of what types of opportunities interest you, we can always open new doors, create exciting new opportunities, and help you show off your talents and put your skills to the test.