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About Experttech Solutions Inc

Our Mission
ExpertTech Solutions is dedicated to providing customers the innovative talent, services, and tools to create world class software solutions and thereby achieve long term sustainable growth through people who value competence, commitment and integrity.

About Us
For over 5 years, ExpertTech Solutions has been providing leading companies with experienced software consultants and specialized outsourced project development enabling them to create world-class solutions. Our commitment to providing a challenging environment focused on teamwork and growth has been paramount to building and retaining an experienced team of IT professionals. Our team boasts exceptional knowledge of current technologies and the IT industry.

Our Vision
To provide leading edge IT solutions that exceed customer expectations and competent, well-motivated personnel with the required mix of skills and experience.

Corporate culture
ExpertTech Solutions is a dynamic, challenging and fun place to work. We strive to retain a family-like environment where respect, integrity and honesty are qualities ingrained in everything we do. We offer a forward-thinking workplace for people who want to use their creativity and initiative to create great things.

The values listed below are a set of principles that provide a foundation for our day-to-day interactions as a company with our employees and customers.

People are our Strength:
We recognize that competitive advantage can only be maintained by nurturing a rewarding culture that fosters continuous learning, teamwork, and involvement. We are an organization that recognizes the value of new ideas and contributions from people of different cultures and backgrounds.

Partner with Customers:
We are absolutely dedicated to building long-term customer relationships based on trust, performance, responsiveness, and keeping our commitments.

Be Creative:
As an organization we recognize that creative innovation is integral to meeting the challenges of ever-changing markets. We are intent on fostering a swift and responsive entrepreneurial atmosphere whose constant focus is to seek improved ways to serve our customer's current and future needs.

Integrity in all things:
We value our reputation for the highest standards of business ethics. We compete aggressively but behave with the utmost integrity as we conduct business.

Guided by these values, we strive to understand our customer needs, embrace change, and deliver on our promises to our customers and ourselves.

ExpertTech Solutions has worked and currently is working with some of the most interesting companies in the area. 21st Century Insurance Group, Amwest Insurance, Computer Science Corporation, Kaiser Permanente, Nissan, Raytheon, Warner Brothers and Wave Systems have all worked with ExpertTech at various levels to realize mutual goals. Our clients also include Department of Defense contractors and sub contractors.

It is our intention to provide services to a select number of companies so that we can concentrate on our clients needs. It is our belief that we can do an outstanding job for a few companies rather than an ordinary job for a large number of companies.

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