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DotNet Specialist

NOTE: RESUMES DUE TODAY Job Description: The Department of Environmental Protection is seeking an experienced Front-End .NET/Angular developer to join
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About Logic House LTD

Logic House Ltd., was incorporated in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in 1990. It is a small business which provides a comprehensive range of management and technical services for the development of information systems. Logic House has experienced continuous growth, due in large measure to our history of successful service engagements. Operating from Pennsylvania and California, Logic House has earned a reputation for providing quality professional services in a timely and cost effective manner.

The management of Logic House believes in establishing a strong business relationship with each client. We have a long term orientation and are very concerned with the success of every assignment, regardless of size. We demonstrate our commitment to this theme by making your problems our problems. We solicit and welcome feedback on employee performance and how they can be made more effective. We are committed to our client's success.

Logic House management is committed to finding the best resources for the job where industry and business experience are blended with the necessary technical skills. With our approach, we position our clients, our employees and the corporation to succeed, thereby increasing our opportunities for additional engagements. Logic House believes in a commitment from each employee to perform a quality job on every assignment. Our recruiting efforts emphasize this point by closely reviewing a candidates experience, past accomplishments and level of client satisfaction. In short, it is our personal approach that has helped to foster this mutual commitment, while at the same time, providing the critical difference that encourages top-notch people to join our staff.

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DotNet Specialist
  • Harrisburg, PA
  • 4 weeks ago