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Java Developer

Java Developer We are solving complex technical problems in the financial/telecom industry. We need talented software engineers like you to
  • New York, NY
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About Exec Search, Inc.

Above machines, above fast paced IT systems, the most crucial element that drives your business is manpower. As an organization, you need to ensure the right man is behind the right job, everytime. And that is when we at Exec Search Inc., (ESI), step in. To help you hire the world's finest talent, in the most cost-effective way.

You can think of us as your exclusive contract agency with an IT focus.

Our manpower is skilled, specialized and on call, to handle projects, the minute you contact us. We provide individual consultants, teams, or you can outsource an entire project.

Our global pool of software professionals have proven expertise in different fields such as information technology and computer information services.

Now, whatever your recruitment needs in professionals, in terms of skills, experience, availability, and commitment, you can count on the ESI database. Of course,you have all the freedom to do your own screening by studying the previous track record of the candidates.

Go on, tap the ESI talent pool, and make every project a success story!

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Java Developer
  • New York, NY
  • 3 weeks ago