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Build your talent pipeline with Dice's Open Web – a powerful social recruiting tool that aggregates tech professionals from across the web.

Access millions more

We've combed 50 social sites to give you millions of candidates. You can quickly reach more unique tech pros and find rich information about them – all from one spot.

Boost response rates

Open Web gives you a 360 degree view of a candidate's passions and interests. Use it to personalize your approach and get higher response rates.

Assess tech aptitude

Open Web also concentrates on tech-focused sites like GitHub to show you a candidate's current tech projects and
peer interaction.

Sample Open Web profile

Data gathered from 50 social sites. Close image of full profile


Dice has a really unique pool of qualified tech candidates. When we post our jobs on Dice, we know they are being seen by the best tech talent out there.
  • Brandon G.
  • Director of Recruiting,
  • Enterprise Engineering, Inc.
I love Open Web. It allows me to look at more candidates than before because I don't have to hop around to different social sites.
  • Sigfredo R.
  • Recruiter, Kineticom
We filled four key positions on our engineering team in four months using Dice. I am certainly a satisfied customer.
  • Stephen T.
  • Vice President, Engineering,
  • Vaporstream
I like how Open Web pulls from all of the social sites, and they are all in one place, where I can click on each profile and select individual.
  • Kent H.
  • Senior Staffing Specialist,
  • Synergy Seven, Inc.
I'm a huge fan of Dice and have successfully used the site to hire for years. The customer service is outstanding.
  • Tony D.
  • Sr. Team Leader,
  • Total Quality Logistics
I like the fact that I can (use Open Web) to further research candidates to see if they are enthusiastic about the tech field they are in.
  • Lena G.
  • Technical Recruiter,
  • Hunter Technical Resources
Dice is definitely worth the investment! We contacted the top 10 prospects from a pool of 104 local candidates. Then brought in 8 for interviews and hired the best candidate.
  • Steven H.
  • Director, SAV Transportation Group
Open Web gives you a 40,000 foot bird's eye view of who may be available and moves Dice into the next tier category, right up there with other top social sites.
  • Pete T.
  • Director, Dickinson & Associates
We tried all of the known job and social media portals in the last two years but for recruitment of high-quality technical candidates, Dice is the best.
  • Sushrut S.
  • Partner, Novus Global Solutions
Open Web is a great tool that reduces a step for me in my candidate searching. It combines two tools into one. I absolutely love it!
  • Karen A.
  • Technical Recruiter,
  • EXCEL Management Systems
There is a dynamic right now around narrowcasting jobs and Dice is a precursor in narrowcasting.
  • Jeremy L.
  • Global Brand & Talent Attraction,
  • Expedia
I like Open Web because it brings all the social media info on job seekers to you in one place… this is a great time saver.
  • Scott M.
  • Director, Telecomm Software
We struggled filling very technical roles on general sites. Then used Dice and filled them in under 30 days with many great applicants. Lesson learned. Use Dice.
  • Kristin S.
  • Recruiting Consultant, Intermedia
Open Web makes me more efficient as a recruiter, because it aggregates so much information about so many people.
  • Charles M.
  • Recruitment Consultant,
  • Memorial Hermann
Our experience was phenomenal. We posted jobs on several sites. All of the applicants hired were found through Dice. It's our "go to" job site.
  • Jorge F.
  • Chief Strategist, MOBIbucks
Open Web consolidates all the information that recruiters worked so hard for in the past. It's the fastest, most efficient tool for recruiting I've seen.
  • Jeff W.
  • Founder & CEO, GravityPeople

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