Full Stack Web Javascript Developer

$100,000 - $120,000

Full Time


    • Vue
    • React
    • Nuxt
    • Node.js
    • Javascript
    • HTML
    • CSS
    • SQL

    Job Description

    Role and Responsibilities 

    Writing modern, clean code from ACs as written by the development team 

    • DRY 
    • SOLID 
    • Secure 
    • Performant 

      Writing code tests 

      Identify code to refactor and suggest code improvements 

      Troubleshoot and debug code issues 

      Participate in code/peer review process 

      Work with QA to resolve any issues with their test cases at the code level 

      Receive work and direction from team lead 

      Investigate and help resolve help desk ticket requests 

      Participate in story writing and technical architecture and relay concerns around: 
    • Level of effort 
    • Timing 
    • Coding concerns 
    • Security 
    • performance 

      Communicate and document code implementation details 

      Collaborate with other team members on 
    • Best code solutions 
    • Best practices 
    • Vetting New technologies 

      Help onboarding new team members: 
    • Knowledge transfer 
    • System details 
    • Environment setup 

      Troubleshoot production issues 

      Participate in planning and executing software releases 

      Participate in demoing new features for team/stakeholders 

      Learn new programming languages and technologies as projects need 

      Manage codebase using version management tools (git) 

      Stay up-to-date with coding language updates, industry technologies and best practices 

      Understand system software architecture to make good coding decisions 

      Promote a positive work environment between peers and with leads: 
    • Criticize code, not people 
    • Detailed Communication of ideas 
      Qualifications and Education Requirements 
    • Bachelor’s Degree 
    • Minimum of 4 years of real-world experience developing web applications with front-end JavaScript frameworks and back-end NodeJS 
      Preferred Skills 
      Front End 
    • Able to create web applications using modern JavaScript, HTML, CSS and related technologies 
    • Proficient with 
    • Component-based JS Frameworks (Vue/React) 
    • ES6 
    • JS testing libraries 
    • Build tools such as Vite, Webpack 
    • HTML5, CSS3 
    • consuming JSON REST APIs from JS applications 
    • proper error handling and logging 
    1. Experience with  
    • implementing user analytics (ie Google Analytics, Segment) 
    • cross-browser device testing and troubleshooting 
    • Image and asset optimization 
    • Docker containers 
    • Able to translate mockups into responsive design applications 
    • Understands mobile vs desktop design concerns 
    • Understands good UX concepts 
    • Knowledge of web security concerns and how to mitigate (ie XSS) 
      Back End 
    1. Proficient with: 
    • OOP programming using NodeJS 
    • Node-Based frameworks 
    • NPM 
    1. Experience with: 
    • code testing 
    • querying SQL databases 
    • creating and interfacing with REST APIs 
    • Authentication/authorization