• .NET

Job Description

Development of an incident management application for the DBHIDS Risk Management Unit.

Position Overview / Statement of Work
The objective of this project is to build a new user interface (UI) and implement some new enhancements for an existing software application (RMU). The new user interface will be based on .NET razor pages technology. The database for this project, currently in MS SQL Server, will remain the same, except for minor data field modifications.

The consultant hired through this staff augmentation contract will be responsible for building the new RMU .NET application according to provided requirements and specifications. Development of this application will be based on an agile methodology for software development. The consultant will be housed within the DBHIDS Application Development team.

In addition, the consultant will work in close collaboration with the staff from the IDS Risk Management Team, which is part of the business unit that owns this project. The Risk Management Team is responsible for reviewing incidents entered by providers and Supports Coordination Organizations (SCOs) into the State’s HCSIS/EIM system. The RMT assigns investigators to certain categories of incidents. The incidents RMT assigns for investigation are entered into the RMT database, including the results.

Work activities:

  • Review requirements and plan implementation.
  • Create login functionality based on Active Directory.
  • Review functionality and business rules in the legacy RMU application.
  • Develop the app user interphase (UI) according to requirements and retaining the functionality that exists in the legacy application, including:
    • Search demographic and incident records based on specified criteria.
    • Add, update, and remove incident records.
    • Search for incident results and history
    • Interfaces to manage dropdown menus or field options utilized within the application.
  • Add any new functionality and enhancement to the app as per specifications.
  • Implement activity logging in compliance with HIPAA standards.
  • Create a solution for a smooth transition from RMU to a separate web platform for running reports.
  • Documentation of technical specifications.
  • Code Review with DBHIDS App Dev team.

Skills/experience of the assigned staff:
Advance knowledge and experience in the following technologies are required:

  • C#
  • .NET Core Razor Pages
  • IIS
  • Web API
  • Azure DevOps source code control
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Azure Active Directory

Highly Desired/Preferred

  • Computer Science Degree
  • Advanced debug skills via Visual Studio
  • Experience with building applications that store highly confidential information.