Cyber Workforce Developer - Project Manager

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  • Washington, D.C., DC

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    Job Description

    Company Overview

    GovCIO is a team of transformers-people who are passionate about transforming government I.T. We believe in making a difference by developing digital strategies and delivering the technology-related innovation governmental operations that improve the citizen experience every day.

    But we can't do it alone. We welcome and nurture an inclusive and diversified work culture. Because different backgrounds, experiences, abilities, and perspectives make us better decision-makers, problem solvers, and creators. We're changing the face of I.T. - from our diverse staff to the end-products we develop. And we're excited to expand our team. Are you ready to be a transformer?


    • Definitive subject matter expertise for all Defensive Cyber Operations (DCO) activities with oversight over all shift(s), 24x7.
    • Develop and update training plans regularly to enhance efficiencies and effectiveness of daily operations. Revise and update training plans as necessary following any government led After Action Reviews of major incidents.
    • Keep team trained and up to date on new and emerging threats facing the SOC. We are responsible for reasonably responding to and knowing how to handle all threats and incidents encountered in the course of this contract.
    • Make sure our team is capable and effective in using all tools provided by the Government in the performance of this contract so that there is no loss of efficiency or performance issues. Also make sure our staff is trained and continuously kept up to date on the use of the tools provided by the Government and is trained on the use of any new tools that come into use throughout the life of the contract.
    • Support the government mentoring/training of Court personnel who visits the SOC to experience the work being performed by the defensive cyber operations team.
    • Adhere to AOpolicies and procedures and create drafts of internal SOPs and Operational (Op) Guides.
    • Continuously update the Cyber Workforce Development Plan.
    • Hold weekly meetings/conference calls with AO Federal personnel to discuss the program's status. including issues, staffing concerns or risks, and workload metrics. Propose options for resolving issues and present them to the COR for consideration in determining resolution.
    • Coordinate directly with the Federal Analysis and Response Branch Chief or Security Operations Division Chief to ensure all shifts are observed, assessed as to their readiness levels and trained in accordance with AO 24/7 operations
    • Ensure all contract staff are fully trained and in compliance with Federal Judiciary and AO policies, procedures and guidelines, and conduct all training requirements to gain and maintain access to the facility and information systems required to perform their duties.
    • Participate in the quality control process for shift management, information dissemination and process compliance to enhance the ability of the staff, both individually and as a team, with meeting contract performance expectations through continuous improvement and training.
    • Participate in the transition process for off-boarding and on-boarding new staff to ensure the work is properly delegated across existent team members through detailed documentation.
    • Perform the tasks and meet the skills, knowledge and abilities as described for the Cyber Work Force Developer role in NIST Special Publication 800-181 National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) Cybersecurity Workforce Framework for the role of Cyber Workforce Developer and Manager (Work Role ID: OV-SPP-001). The person(s) performing this role for the Contractor shall be identified to the COR and Government staff.
    • Provide project management support, including interfacing with human resources, recruiting, procurement, etc.

    • Bachelor's Degree, pre-ferably in Infor-mation Systems, Com-puter Sci-ence or re-lated field, with 12+ years (or commensurate experience)
    • 7 years overall cyber experience.
    • Experience de-veloping cyberspace workforce plans, strategies, and guidance to support cyberspace workforce manpower, personnel, training, and education re-quirements and to address changes to cyberspace policy, doctrine, materiel, force structure, and ed-ucation and training requirements.

    Desired Qualifications
    • Masters preferred
    • PMP desired