Sr. Java Developers with strong backend


Depends on Experience
Full Time
No Travel Required


Spring Boot

Job Details

Core Skills Needed:

  • Ability to pass coding tests demonstrating proficiency in Java and related technologies.
  • Extensive hands-on experience in backend development, focusing on Spring Boot microservices architecture.
  • Expertise in setting up Kafka, Docker, and Kubernetes from scratch.
  • Recent experience with MongoDB or similar document databases.
  • Strong understanding and practical knowledge of security protocols such as JWT and OAuth, including setting up servers from scratch.


  • Design and develop distributed systems using Java, with a strong emphasis on microservices architecture and event-driven services.
  • Implement TDD and BDD testing methodologies, utilizing frameworks like JUnit and Cucumber-JVM.
  • Utilize Spring Boot for rapid application development and integration.
  • Work with document databases (e.g., MongoDB or DynamoDB) for efficient data storage and retrieval.
  • Develop RESTful APIs and potentially GraphQL APIs for scalable and flexible communication between services.
  • Set up Kafka for efficient data streaming and processing in event-driven architectures.
  • Ensure robust security measures through JWT and OAuth protocols, implementing them securely from scratch.
  • Containerize applications using Docker and orchestrate with Kubernetes for scalable deployment and management.
  • Collaborate effectively in agile teams, participate in code reviews, and contribute to architectural decisions.
  • Develop applications primarily on Mac OS, with experience in cloud environments for deployment.

Required Skills and Experience:

  • Bachelor s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or related field; or equivalent practical experience.
  • Proven experience building and scaling distributed systems in a production environment.
  • Proficiency in Java, with strong knowledge of Spring Boot and related frameworks (e.g., Spring FX).
  • Experience with TDD/BDD testing methodologies, using tools like JUnit and Cucumber-JVM.
  • Familiarity with document databases (MongoDB, DynamoDB) and designing efficient data schemas.
  • Strong understanding of RESTful API design and development.
  • Hands-on experience with Kafka for building event-driven architectures.
  • Knowledge of GraphQL is a plus.
  • Expertise in implementing and securing APIs with JWT and OAuth.
  • Ability to set up Docker containers and orchestrate with Kubernetes for deployment and scaling.
  • Development experience on Mac OS and familiarity with cloud platforms.


  • Competitive compensation package with comprehensive benefits.
  • Opportunity to work with cutting-edge technologies and solve complex challenges.
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