Senior Contract Writing System Trainer/Analyst

Job Description


Credence Management Solutions, LLC (Credence) is seeking a Senior Contract Writing System Trainer/Analyst to support AFLCMC at WPAFB


  • Will work in one-on-one, small group, and large group settings to facilitate and support the below requirements.
  • Assist with beta testing new CWS versions as required; shall be available for travel within the continental U.S. (CONUS) for USAF trainings specific to CON-IT; and shall support the develop of an initial roll-out CON-IT training plan for the most effective rapid deployment through AFLCMC/PK at WPAFB.
  • Conduct hands-on training classes for CWSs including teaching required courses IAW this PWS, developing and presenting training plans, and providing training in a CWS administrator context.
  • Develop electronic training materials with Government-supported software packages including but not limited to Blackboard and PDF/MS PowerPoint training modules.
  • Provide feedback and planning oversight for training support purposes.
  • be able to present the following courses on an ongoing basis:
    • Buy Plans
    • Federal Procurement Data System - Next Generation (FPDS-NG) Contract Action Report (CAR)
    • Contract Clauses
    • Contract Line Item Numbers (CLINs) and Accounting Classification Reference Numbers (ACRNs)
    • Other Agency Delivery Orders
    • Contract Modifications
    • Requests for Proposals (RFPs) and Other Solicitation Instruments
    • Undefinitized Contract Actions (UCAs)
  • Support the AFLCMC/PZCY help desk as required, including but not limited to: CWS help desk support; troubleshooting common user problems; researching out-of-balance contracts; auditing various contract records; and reporting findings to AFLCMC/PZCY team members and/or outside users. In addition, the Contractor shall analyze help desk ticket submissions to identify user-error trends and PZCY continuous improvement opportunities, and to provide support on any other identified tasks.
  • Responsible for: scheduling training classes for Wright-Patterson AFB personnel and support contractors; maintaining records of training class attendance; and maintaining files and forms within established file plans.
  • Deliver training materials in a webinar setting; provide training in a buyer/PCO context; and update and adjust trainings as required, for new CWS versions/changes


  • Tier 1 security clearance required
  • Familiar with the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR)
  • Con-IT experience
  • Requires at least 24 hours of college-level business courses, as well as ten years of government contracting experience with progressively increasing responsibility.
  • Knowledge of USAF, AFMC, AFLCMC, DoD, and private-sector contracting principles, laws, statutes, Executive Orders, regulations and procedures sufficient to develop and provide guidance and training to Wright-Patterson AFB contracting and CWS administrator personnel.