Mechanical Design Engineer - Clean Tech / Green Energy Startup

$100,000 - $140,000

Full Time


    • mechanical engineering
    • product design
    • solidworks
    • design engienering
    • mechanical product design
    • turbomachinery
    • rotating equipment
    • gas turbines
    • air compressors
    • centrifugal compressors

    Job Description

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    Mechanical Design Engineer - Clean Tech / Green Energy Startup


    Cerritos, CA


    The company’s product involves clean energy, energy creation, and turbomachinery. It is for the oil & gas industry. The company is seeking candidates who will be excited about building a product that is making a positive impact on the environment by reducing carbon emissions, adding clean energy, and conserving energy.


    The company has raised series A funding from leading companies and investors in the oil and gas industry. The company has about 12 employees and 6 engineers and is expecting to grow to about 28 people by the end of 2023. It already has many customers worldwide and its customer base is rapidly growing.


    The company is a spin out from a very established company (which it shares office space with) that has about 200 employees and 100 engineers and is a world leader in its industry. This opportunity has many of the benefits of a startup -- high impact, challenge, and excitement -- as well as the benefits of an established company -- financial stability, vast resources, and many talented colleagues to collaborate with and learn from.


    The company will pay competitive compensation including yearly bonuses.



    Job Responsibilities:


    - Technical ownership of the design.


    - Conceiving new designs based on existing proven designs and innovations.


    - Designing new products and making improvements to existing products.


    - Evaluating products, parts, or processes for cost efficiency and reliability.


    - Performing basic analysis functions.


    - Technical calculations for mechanical design and packaging of electrical rotating machinery.


    - Detailing of components and parts; working with inside and outside resources to ensure optimum manufacturing efficiency and cost in design.


    - Designing of associated assembly tooling for the machine fabrication.


    - Maintaining configuration control of the product in SWPDM.


    - Assisting the other project team members in cross-functional activities when necessary.





    - A Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering.


    - At least 5 years of professional experience as a Mechanical Design Engineer.


    - Proficiency with Solidworks or similar 3D modeling software.


    - Knowledge of GD&T standards and application to new designs.


    - Experience interfacing with vendors and customers to incorporate their input into final product design.


    - Ability to create detailed designs of products while incorporating best available manufacturing practices.


    - Strong verbal and written communication skills.



    Nice to Have:


    - Experience with Aero dynamic design engineering related to turbomachinery (i.e., gas turbines, compressors, turboexpanders). This would be very nice to have.


    - Experience with rotating machinery.


    - Experience with high speed machines and/or permanent magnet motors.


    - Experience with SWPDM Configuration Control software.


    - System integration experience, specifically with electro-mechanical systems, bearings and seals.


    - Project management skills.



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