AI/ML Engineer

$70 - $75

Contract: W2, 6 Month(s)

  • Work from home
  • No Travel Required


  • Python
  • PyTorch
  • AI/ML
  • LLMs
  • Deep Learning
  • ChatGPT

Job Description

Job Title: AI/ML Engineer

Location:  Remote

Duration: 6 Months (Possible extension or conversion into full time)

Position Overview:

As an AI/ML Engineer, you will be responsible for developing and implementing advanced analytics models and machine learning algorithms as part of our Innovation Team. You will collaborate with data scientists and other stakeholders to understand business needs and provide AI solutions. You will also contribute to our data infrastructure and work on scalable AI deployment.

This is a really fun opportunity to make an impact across the business.

Key Responsibilities:

- Develop, validate, and implement machine learning models and algorithms.
- Collaborate with data scientists and other stakeholders to understand and define project goals.
- Maintain data infrastructure and ensure scalability and efficiency of data-related operations.
- Keep abreast of the latest developments in the field of AI/ML and recommend ways to implement them in our operations.
- Communicate complex data findings in a clear and understandable manner to non-technical stakeholders.
- Adhere to data privacy and security guidelines.
- Participate in the entire AI project lifecycle, from concept to deployment and maintenance.


- Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Statistics, or related field; Master's or Ph.D. preferred.
- Proven experience as an AI/ML Engineer or similar role.
- Strong knowledge of machine learning frameworks (like PyTorch) and libraries (like scikit-learn).
- An understanding specifically in the field of LLM's and libraries like LangChain / Semantic-Kernel.
- Experience with data science tools (e.g., Python) and database languages (e.g., SQL).
- Understanding of data structures, data modeling, and software architecture.
- Proficiency in algorithm design, problem-solving, and complexity analysis.
- Excellent communication skills.
- Ability to work in a team.


- Knowledge of cloud services: Azure, Google Cloud, AWS.
- Familiarity of Azure OpenAI Services, and various new features Microsoft is releasing.
- Experience in natural language processing, computer vision, or other AI subfields.