Lead Engineer / Manager - Currency / Smart Contract Engineering - Hypergrowth Consumer Fintech Startup

$180,000 - $260,000

Full Time


    • solidity
    • smart contract
    • smart contracts

    Job Description

    Skyrocket Ventures is a recruiting firm for hundreds of high growth technology companies that range from industry leaders to top-tier startups.  This opportunity is with one of our client companies for a full-time permanent hire.  Please only apply if you are authorized to work in the U.S.

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    Lead Engineer / Manager - Currency / Smart Contract Engineering - Hypergrowth Consumer Fintech Startup

    Location: Remote

    The company's team includes some of the biggest names in the fintech, blockchain and cryptocurrency realm. The founding team includes payments domain experts, the Cofounder of a highly valued cryptocurrency, world-class cryptography theorists, and well-known cryptocurrency investors. One of the founders has founded 2 companies that are valued at over $1 billion, including a rapidly growing fintech unicorn that was recently valued at over $10 billion dollars.

    The company's product is in the realms of consumer fintech, web and mobile, payments, blockchain and cryptocurrency. The company has raised about $80 million in funding. They are backed by some of the top investors in the space, as well as the founder of a tech company that is valued at over $50 billion.

    The company has about 62 employees and 15 engineers (both are about double what they were 1 year ago). The company plans to hire 20-30 engineers in the next 18 months.

    In addition to competitive salary (up to $250k), the company is offering equity and cryptocurrency which could be very lucrative.

    Job Responsibilities:

    - You would be spending about 50% of your time on management (leading 7-8 engineers) and 50% as an individual contributor.

    - Leading the team of internal dev/product/research contributors, as well as contributing code and design yourself.

    - Making key contributions to making the company's currency system one of the most influential codebases in crypto/DeFi.

    - Managing currency engineers and developing their talent.

    - Managing the team’s work planning process; balancing team project planning with community contributor work.

    - Advising and influencing system architecture and design decisions.

    - Contributing to R&D for future v2 upgrades, likely involving L2/rollup/appchain concepts; implementing early PoCs to further this R&D.

    - Working regularly with security auditors and external contributors to document and upgrade the currency code.

    - Support and maintain an active test economy, as well as integrations with partner protocols.

    - Act as a primary contributor to the product's tech community, evaluating and implementing upgrade proposals.

    - Ensuring that the product's smart contracts remain state of the art by evaluating new DeFi protocols, Layer 1 and Layer 2 mechanisms, EIPs, etc.


    - Expertise in Solidity and Smart Contract engineering.

    - Experience as a tech lead or engineering manager.

    - Deep awareness and knowledge of Ethereum development frameworks and patterns.

    - Understanding of blockchain architecture.

    - Emphasis on team performance and developing other engineers.

    Nice to have:

    - Strong track record of open source contributions.

    - JavaScript.

    - Understanding of basic cryptography concepts (theory and applied).

    - Knowledge of Layer 2 blockchain scalability technology.

    - Knowledge of blockchain privacy/confidential transaction schemes.

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