AWS Cloud Engineer


Accepts corp to corp applications
Contract - Independent
Contract - 1 Year(s)



Job Details


  • Define and implement secure, compliant, scalable versions of cloud resources (e.g. EC2, Kubernetes clusters, Databases, Load-balancers, Backup, etc.) that are exposed as internal products or network based services
  • Make cloud products available for self service via Infra-as-code using AWS CDK, Terraform and/or CloudFormation
  • Standardize and automate creation of application workload environments and DevOps tooling
  • Help app teams design secure and scalable infrastructure using approved cloud products, and support app DevOps teams from onboarding to Launch
  • Deploy and manage central services using DevOps and Infra-as-code
  • Build and maintain operational tools for deployment, monitoring, and analysis of AWS infrastructure and central services
  • Python experience is required

Technical skills & knowledge

  • Experience building and maintaining infrastructure using Infra-as-code tools such as AWS CDK, Terraform or CloudFormation
  • Experience building automation using programming languages such as Python, Java or Node.js
  • Working with Git/Bitbucket to manage code, and Jenkins or other CICD platforms to orchestrate
  • Ability to learn/use a wide variety of open-source technologies and tools
  • Collaborative work within a team as well as self-driven, in Agile environment

Desirable technical skills & knowledge

  • Deploying foundational AWS services (VPC, Subnet, Routes, EC2, Lambda, Step Functions, EKS, ELB, S3, EBS, RDS(Aurora), DynamoDB, CloudWatch, Cloudtrail etc) as IaC
  • Deploying and managing infrastructure AWS Infrastructure using Terraform or CloudFormation through CI/CD pipelines
  • Basic understanding of how to secure AWS environments and meet compliance requirements
  • Troubleshooting AWS environments using CloudWatch and Elastic Search
  • Managing Immutable Infra setups with EC2 is a plus
  • Experience with AWS Landing Zone and underlying technology is a major advantage
  • Experience designing automation tools and leading small teams in implementation of infrastructure is a plus
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