Sr. Web Developer


  • Web Developer
  • collaborate
  • content creation
  • research
  • test automation
  • web accessibility standards
  • web editors
  • SME
  • WCAG

Job Description

Knowledge and Experience in Accessibility
• Serve as the subject matter expert (SME) on all things accessible.
•Know, understand, and be able to apply the web accessibility standards (WCAG).
•Know, understand, and be able to apply federal laws and standards (Section 508 and related laws/standards).
•Perform research and maintain in-depth Knowledge of trends in accessibility, particularly within state governments, and changes to laws and guidance, including:
oKnow, understand, and be able to apply the Colorado’s accessibility laws (HB21-1110) as well as guidance, directives, and recommendations from OIT.
• Adopt standard language from accessibility experts for consistency across all content. Develop and use language standards for communication where none are provided/available.
•Understand accessibility compliance vs. accommodations.
•Identify accessibility issues, identify the tools to address issues and perform the work to correct accessibility issues,
•Know or learn new tools, implement those tools, and train others to use them.
•Troubleshoot, report and track issues.
•Coordinate and collaborate with developers of websites, reports, and documents (any digital content creation) to ensure new development includes accessibility compliance, In other words, create accessibility compliant objects from inception.
•Design, execute and guide others on the testing strategy.
•Manage manual and tool testing of all CDE applications, CDE websites (internal and external), and documents, images, videos, and other content to identify and remediate pages, content and features that fail to meet accessibility standards or best practices.
•Test and support accessibility testing, analyze object types, propose, and implement remediation solutions. Resolve any disputes about testing and remediation.
•Perform manual testing and build reusable test automation for future use, when possible.
•reate and maintain accessibility workflows.
•Ensure documents, images, videos, and other content hosted on the CDE websites (or are shared internally or externally through any method (email, shared files, SharePoint, meeting handouts, etc.)), meet accessibility standards.
•Provide guidance and general oversight of the SiteImprove (provided by OIT) tool and other testing and remediation tools.
•Provide training to staff to ensure they understand the importance of accessibility and ways to incorporate accessibility into the workplace.
•Provide training and assistance to all digital web editors, report developers and content contributors within the CDE to ensure they know how to create content that meets accessibility standards.