DevOps Engineer

Full Time

    Job Description

    Our client, a leading retirement services company, is seeking anDevOps Engineer

    Location: Woodland Hills, CA

    Position Type: IT Full Time

    Job Summary:

    The DevOps engineer collaborates across the organization to create, implement, maintain and support automated code deployment pipelines for application and data delivery platforms that enable the company's IT operations.

    Job Responsibilities:

    • Administer/upgrade/troubleshoot/maintain/configure mission-critical developer tools and associated plugins.
    • Build and implement new development tools.
    • Onboard applications and teams to the developer tools.
    • Work with application teams to document strategies, processes and technologies that will be used for automating deployments on newly onboarded Athene applications.
    • Collaborate effectively with multiple development teams to solution CICD pipelines across multiple environments.
    • Integrate and implement automation between developer tools through scripting and APIs.
    • Work on daily customer support requests for administering developer tools.
    • Setup monitoring/logging and notifications for supported developer tools.
    • Work with SecOps to maintain credentials, certificates and mitigate security vulnerabilities in supported tools.
    • Automate the deployment, administration, and operation of critical developer tools on cloud-native and data center architectures.
    • Design and build tools to report on deployment efficiency and gain visibility into production systems.
    • Initiate ongoing meetings with application developers and DevOps engineers to identify and understand the DevOps tool solutions available.
    • Establish and document strategies for automating manual deployments.
    • Drive, track, and provide status on the efforts towards automated deployments for each application.
    • Create implementation plans and timelines for identified applications to test and execute proposed changes to developer tools or automated deployment strategies.
    • Support and work alongside a cross-functional engineering team on the latest technologies.
    • Work with DevOps engineers, vendors and application developers to research, devise, and document capabilities and opportunities for automated verification within the DevOps tools, pertaining to version control identification, real-time version tracking, and code comparison between environments of application software.
    • Own the analysis and documentation processes for all developer tools.
    • Contribute to the architecture and design of our services, infrastructure, and delivery processes.
    • Translate development team use cases into infrastructure requirements.?
    • Work with the deployment analysts and management to understand the deployment audit controls, approvals, best practices, and procedures for deployments.
    • Work with cross-functional teams to administer
    • Help educate and train Athene's developers on developer tools and best practices.
    • Use opensource technologies and tools to accomplish specific use cases.?
    • Support development teams
    • Support on-call rotations and emergency response.

    Qualifications And Experience:

    • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Engineering or equivalent
    • 4+ years' experience as a DevOps Engineer or similar software engineering role in a large corporation.
    • Expertise using git, Jenkins, and Artifactory
    • Expertise with Linux (command line / networking) for tools and systems administration and maintenance
    • Experience in automating production systems with Python, or scripting equivalent
    • Development knowledge and usage of API's
    • Administrative experience with Ansible, Bitbucket, GitHub, Jira, Confluence.
    • Working knowledge of relational databases, preferably MS SQL, or Postgres
    • Experience using SaltStack, Chocolatey, Grafana, Flyway, Docker, GitHub Actions, Grafana, Elk, Catchpoint, Kubernetes, Opsgenie, Flow, Terraform, CyberArk
    • Experience using AWS Managed Products (RDS, EC2, ECS) - AWS certification preferred
    • Strong knowledge and experience of DevOps and Agile development teams
    • Excellent interpersonal skills, team player, enjoy collaborating across teams and work well in a cross-functional and cross-cultural environment.
    • Strong analysis, research, investigation, and evaluation skills, with a structured approach to problem solving
    • Aptitude to learn and grasp new technologies and concepts quickly
    • Ability to work and effectively prioritize in a highly dynamic work environment
    • Dependable, passionate, and self-motivated
    • Easy to work with, have a positive attitude
    • Pragmatic and focused on efficiency, simplicity, and maintainability.
    • Strong communication and interpersonal skills, both written and oral appropriately scaled for technical and managerial audience
    • Familiarity with GitHub Advanced Security, CyberArk and SonarQube