Android Developer


  • Mapbox
  • software development
  • Git
  • OEM

Job Description

Duration: 6 months

Job Description:

  • Given the OEM SDK API documentation and product requirements, design, implement, and test the maps app.
  • As a Senior developer, lead the software development and give guidance to the junior developers.
  • Provide feedback to the API developers.


  • Frequent discussion with product stakeholders to understand the refine the requirements.
  • Frequent discussion with API developers to help them iterate the API.
  • Validate the API with its specs.


  • 7+ years of experience in Android software development.
  • 4+ years of experience in application development with user interfaces.
  • 2+ years of Team Lead (or Tech Lead) experience (5+ person team).
  • Led successful projects that requires creating a complex Android app from scratch.
  • Kotlin programming experience Git version control.


  • Experience in the Automotive industry. E.g., Headunit and Infotainment software development.
  • Experience in on-device API development.
  • Experience in building maps application using Mapbox SDK or MapLibre SDK.


  • Bachelor’s in computer science or equivalent.

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